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Nestor Guriev
Nestor Guriev

Nikki Silver

Silver AgeHistory is like a long, ever-flowing river, stirring up silver sprays in the most turbulent years.General InfoLinksTypeHairAttributesRarityColor(s)Silver/GreyWardrobe #2708Obtained byThe Wave of Time EventNikki's InfoSilver AgeSilver Age is a hair item. It could be obtained from The Wave of Time event.

nikki silver

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Long silver hair tied in a low ponytail. The hair has bangs that are parted in the center; next to them is a longer lock of hair that frames the side of the face. Part of the hair is tied into a thick braid that winds down behind the ear.

As much as I've wanted this film to get made, I do understand why it's taken so long to make the leap to the silver screen. For one thing, the film will likely be almost entirely black-and-white (though it will gain more and more color as the story goes on) and there's some disturbing imagery that might make the material unsuitable for its target audience. It should be mentioned that the book isn't perfect and has some gaping holes, but in the hands of a proper writer and director it could be wonderful. 041b061a72


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