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[S2E9] Thanks For The Memories

None of the doctors can resist cutting as Izzie tries embrace the season by making a perfect thanksgiving dinner but doesn't know how, however Burke saves the day and helps her, while Cristina, Meredith, and Alex hide at work instead of helping Izzie; and George has to embrace his own O'Malley tradition by shooting a turkey.

[S2E9] Thanks for the Memories


Bailey finds Meredith in the locker room and tells her they are working with a temp attending, dr. Kent, from Mercy West. She thanks Meredith for volunteering to work today. Meredith doesn't have a lot to be thankful for. As they head to the ER, Bailey says she likes the holiday because the family gatherings lead to people getting hurt and lots of cool surgeries. She appreciates the stupidity of the human race.

Nidell says goodbye, and thanks Sisko. She says she will probably stay on her homeworld New Halana for the rest of her life, and wishes she could remember Fenna, but she can't. Before she leaves, she asks Sisko what Fenna was like, and is told, "She was just like you."

Douglas approaches Abby and thanks her for inviting his daughter, Courtney, to the party. He also tells her he heard from the grapevine that Matt Fox dropped out of the land deal and his firm might be interested. She says she will relay the message to her dad. Wes shows up in time for the celebration and the girls run to his arms smiling. The party really kicks off when Mick unveils the beautiful castle photo op for the entire family.

Reddit user Junebug1515 considers this an underrated episode and described it as, "Izzie is cooking for everyone. Burke steps in to help. And Christina is hating all of this because theirs no alcohol." This episode is both sweet, as the characters spend time together outside of work, and also hilarious, thanks to Cristina's behavior.

Reddit user heyamj thinks that this season 1 episode is special because of "Meredith and Derek getting caught by Bailey" and said, "Just great television." These early episodes are perfectly dramatic thanks to Bailey learning about their secret romance.

In the spring of 2020, New York City was the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and Queens had the highest numbers of diagnosed cases and hospitalizations. Many Queens residents were living and working on the front lines, providing essential services and supporting family and community members. These personal stories were not well documented by the media as news of the pandemic moved at a stunning pace. Without real-time documentation, memories can fade and facts can be misremembered, making it difficult to reconstruct lived experience. After March 20th, as the city was urged to stay at home, we collected first-person accounts from the communities affected in the most acute ways. This season of the Queens Memory Podcast features these first-person accounts from our community as we got through this historic pandemic together.

While they get Oscar ready for transport, Sullivan gives his number to him to play another game some time. They hope Oscar will come around again, but his car is broken. So the team decides to repair it where Jack opens up a bit. He is fearful that with so much change happening to the station, that the family he knew is gone. Sullivan assures him that things will continue on. With everyone back at the station, Sullivan and Maya come to Ripley. He asks that Maya stays on as a third Lieutenant because he needs to keep their family together. Ripley mentions that Sullivan is sounding a bit like Pruitt and approves of the decision. Upon leaving, Maya gives Sullivan a big hug and thanks him.

After the intro, Soap and Microphone are walking up an incline carrying Soap's cleaning supplies. Soap thanks Microphone for helping her out, while Microphone notes how she never knew of a Triple-Sided Mop, one of Soap's cleaning supplies. As Soap tells Microphone about how her cleaning habits are like a defense mechanism, and she realized life will never be clean no matter how hard she scrubs, Microphone notes how she wishes she talked to Soap earlier, explaining that her input isn't valued by the team. Soap happily encourages Microphone by explaining that everyone's opinion matters on a team. As they approach the cliff, Soap prepares herself to throw away the cleaning supplies, but quickly bails and sings a reprise of Keep On Cleaning. Microphone angrily slaps Soap, grabs the cleaning supplies, and throws them off the cliff. Soap is seemingly upset for a moment, but quickly thanks, Microphone.

Fjord and Beau follow Claudia and have a heart-to-heart about Beau's inability to sound genuine when giving compliments, and Fjord allows Beau to practice complimenting people on him, which she fails in spectacular fashion. She begins by telling Fjord, in a deadpan voice with no body language "You're very attractive." Fjord gives her some pointers and suggests she try smiling, but it does not go much better: after saying he's attractive once more, Fjord immediately replies, "Oh, man, you look constipated." Fjord recommends winking, and Beau's attempts yield no positive results. Fjord says they'll keep working on it, to which Beau responds "That wasn't it? Fuck." Beau thanks him for telling him about it instead of staying silent, Fjord responds that they've known each other long enough that he can tell that she was trying. Ironically, it's the most sincere she's sounded all night. Fjord also realizes this and points a thumb at her with a knowing and elated grin and Beau immediately tries to defend herself: "Genuine! I was being genuine!". And Fjord tells her he got that, that was a good job. They laugh it off.

Clary uses her newfound tracking skills to locate Elaine. Simon thanks her and prepares to give his mom the biggest shock of her life as 'I Don't Wanna Leave Ya' by Danica Dora plays in the background.

College Gym News was founded in 2015 by Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Grimsley. Since then, the site has transformed into a one-stop-shop for college gymnastics news, from recruiting analysis to meet coverage at the NCAA national championships thanks to the hard work of 15-plus contributors. 041b061a72


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