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What Is Double Chance Bet? Detailed Explanation

Double chance bet is becoming increasingly popular in the field of football betting. So, what exactly is this form of entertainment, and how can you win big by placing your bets correctly? Wintips will provide specific answers to players' concerns in the following article, so newcomers should read tips for betting over under close attention before getting started.

What is Double Chance Bet?

This form of betting is also known as Double Chance (abbreviated as DC) in English. This ratio is developed based on the familiar Asian handicap format, offering attractive winning opportunities. Participants will predict whether the match between teams will end in a win, draw, or loss.

The prerequisite for winning a double chance bet is to accurately predict the three possible outcomes. The bookmakers will base their payouts on these predictions for the participating members. Note that the ratio applies only during the official playing time of the two halves plus stoppage time.

Double Chance bets do not include extra time or penalty shootouts, so it's important to understand this. Assessments from experts show that Double Chance betting offers a fairly high chance of winning. Therefore, football fans only need to understand accurately and utilize additional scientifically analyzed tips to achieve significant wins.

Reading and Calculating Double Chance Odds

If you already understand the Asian handicap, then betting on Double Chance odds won't be difficult. Newcomers just need to pay attention to a few important points below to start enjoying the game.

How to Read Double Chance Odds

The symbols for betting odds on the scoreboard are also abbreviated as 1×2. Players need to understand the specific meanings before placing their bets, as follows:

1: Indicates the home team winning

2: Indicates the away team winning

X: Indicates a draw

The task of every gamer during entertainment is to predict which outcome is more likely. You need to choose 2 out of the 3 possibilities to be recognized by the system as a win and receive rewards. If you only choose 1 case, your earnings won't be as high as expected, so you need to pay more attention:

1 X: Predicting either the home team winning or a draw

1 2: Means either the home team winning or the away team having the advantage

2 X: Indicates either the away team winning or a draw

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Guide to Calculating Double Chance Betting

The potential winnings one can receive when participating in double chance betting are truly enticing. The probability of winning is also higher compared to many other odds, making this undoubtedly a suggestion for everyone to try their luck. The calculation of winning/losing money when placing bets is as follows:

1 X: Winning money = 1/(1/Odds provided + 1/Odds of the bet).

1 2: Winnings = 1/(1/Odds of winning + 1/Odds of the 2nd bet).

2 X: Losing money = The amount of money the player initially invested.

Foolproof Strategies for Winning Double Chance Bets

Placing double chance bets correctly can lead to truly perfect economic results. Here are some top-notch tips from experts to rake in substantial winnings from entertainment venues.

Monitor the odds board closely

The foremost important tip when investing in double chance bets is to keep track of the fluctuations in various parameters. People only need to select from three provided possibilities, so it won't be too difficult to get started. You need to study, monitor all fluctuations to minimize unfortunate mistakes.

If players see that the odds are slipping out of the safe zone, quickly change predictions. This helps us easily and effectively save goals from disastrous defeats. You can also try comparing with other units to see if there are any important observations.

Analyze the odds scientifically

Analyzing and evaluating double chance bets before investing is a fundamental operation that everyone needs to understand clearly. Enthusiastic fans can objectively and scientifically study the situation of opposing teams. Some specific factors must be carefully considered, such as past competition history, form, tactics, coaches, or suspension status, ...

Securely lock in the double chance bet

Everyone should choose to participate in placing double chance bets where the difference in skill level is clearly seen, then invest in the winning team or draw (1X). The reason is that the amount of money placed on these matches will have lower betting odds, so losing won't be too much.

Experts advise that people should accept low investment levels to receive more generous rewards. Matches between evenly matched teams often have a higher risk of occurring. However, members need to be vigilant to place accurate bets and avoid the potential "trap" risks at gaming points.


The information betting tips vip app shared above by Wintips provides the most basic overview of double chance bets. The leading football news site hopes that passionate fans of the sport have more valuable opportunities to win. Don't forget to make use of the shared secrets to fully enjoy the substantial winnings within reach!

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