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Gold Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship


1) Printed Materials: Logo/company name included on all tournament promotional materials, onsite signage, marketing and advertising materials, tournament coaching packets, and college coach and media “media guides.”

2) Against All Odds: Will wear game warm-ups with logo/company name printed on them. These will be worn before and after games, and during game warm-ups. Logo will be featured on all tournament championship apparel and with all individual champions getting a championship shirt.

3) Family/Friend Shirts: Shirts may be purchased for a discounted price for friends and family members of our athletes. You company logo will be featured on the back of the shirt.

4) Media Spots: As a partner of Baller TV the tournament will be broadcasted live. Platinum sponsors will be included in our tournament broadcasting. Media outlets: bloggers, news stations, independent journalists, etc. will be provided with information on our platinum sponsors.

5) Onsite Tournament Presence: Available community outreach, if desired, with a venue booth and an optional onsite tournament presence.

6) Banner Promotion: Advertise your company banner at our venue(s) in player and spectator view.

7) Sponsor an Athlete: A donation to our financial assistance program will be made in your name. This program helps fund our athletes who cannot afford the cost of our services.

To purchase this sponsorship and all its amenities, it is a one-time payment of $1,500.

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