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Buddy Toss

See how high you can throw your friend in Buddy Toss. The distance you can catapult your buddy into the air defies what is physically possible. See what ludicrous heights you can reach...How to Play Buddy TossBuddy Toss is an arcade game with simple mechanics. Left-click to throw your buddy up in the air. When he comes back down, click again at the right moment and start building momentum.

Buddy Toss

Upgrades are super important, and you need to increase your stats in both of the skills. Power is great, obviously, but increasing your size is super important too. This will give you a bigger hit box for your taps, which gives you more time to get your tap right and keep your toss going.

The stories are a decent way of earning extra stars to get to upgrades quicker. They usually involve a tap to toss and a tap to perform some airborne action. Give them a go from time to time to increase your coffers and power up your tosser in the main game and success should surely follow.

Things will be more difficult when your friend is tossed higher up into the air, above the clouds and the weather balloons. This is when the green zone decreases with every toss. You should stop relying on the toss meter when the green zone is too small and tap at the right time when your friend is just above the strongman. Easier said than done, but by the time the green zone shrinks, you will get into a rhythm and will be able to time your tosses most of the time. Just be alert when the screen zooms in at the strongman as the guy falls down and tap at the right moment to toss him higher up into the air.

This is really funny game where you have to toss your buddy to maximum Heights. You can buy upgrades to make you more powerful to increase your thow power which will result in reaching new heights easily.

Buddy Toss is a new iOS and Android game where you play as a big muscle man who tosses your buddy up in the air as high as possible. You can either play in the standard game mode and try to earn as many stars (currency) as possible, or play in the story mode and complete all sorts of quests. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, tricks, and strategies for Buddy Toss!

Want to have some fun? You just came to the right place buddy. We introduce this new game app to you, Body Toss. How far can you toss the body though? That is up to you to discover, but only if you try. This game is plain and easy, but most of all ; you will get to entertain yourself and have plenty of fun. Just get ready, set and launch the body high in the sky. The higher you reach the more you score, the stronger you are. Come and be a baddie. You can even shoot this body, and send an air mail straight to aliens. Imagine how amusing that must be!

Buddy Toss is a video game about tossing your buddy as high as you can. We're talking tossing them into the remote reaches of area here. It's basic enough-- tap to toss, tap to toss once again-- however there are things you're going to require to understand to get the most out of the experience. These are the very best tips, pointers and cheats for Buddy Toss.Deal with your timingThe secret to being successful here is getting the timing of your taps simply. To start with that's quite simple, however the greater you toss, the harder it's going to get. When the perfect tap time is as your friend plunges from unbelievable heights, you require to find out from your errors and work out.When you can, updateUpgrades are incredibly essential, and you require to increase your statistics in both of the abilities. Power is fantastic, undoubtedly, however increasing your size is incredibly essential too. This will offer you a larger hit box for your taps, which offers you more time to get your tap right and keep your toss going.Play the storiesThe stories are a good method of making additional stars to get to upgrades quicker. They normally include a tap to toss and a tap to carry out some air-borne action. Provide a go from time to time to increase your coffers and power up your tosser in the main video game and success ought to undoubtedly follow.Get the skinsThe skins are visual modifications that make you appear like a beast or a very hero. You can use them to both tosser and tossed. You're much better off conserving your stars and investing them on the upgrades, considering that those are going to provide you a possibility to keep getting greater ratings.Continue your tossWhen you die you can see a video to keep your toss going. It's a good method to get a huge rating and great deals of stars, however it's likewise going to take a portion of time. The choice comes from you, however we believe you're much better off moving and ending the run on to the next toss.Buddy Toss is a video game about tossing your buddy as high as you can. We're talking tossing them into the far-off reaches of area here. It's basic enough-- tap to toss, tap to toss once again-- however there are things you're going to require to understand to get the most out of the experience.This will provide you a larger hit box for your taps, which provides you more time to get your tap right and keep your toss going.They normally include a tap to toss and a tap to carry out some air-borne action.

Buddy Toss apk is a funny game. Its graphics are very beautiful. In this game we have two characters and one character will toss another character in the air again and again and when he comes down he will catch it and win more games by completing more tasks and unlocking different things that will be used in further games and collect more stars to buy things for the game.

Buddy Toss MOD APK is one of the alternative variants of the original gameplay, which offers you hacks and cheat codes. Including unlimited stars and money to upgrade all skills, characters, tools, flights, etc. Unlocked all the accessories, characters, costumes, skins, and skills for free. So you can easily enjoy the most enhanced gameplay of the tossing. Simply touch the screen and enjoy the fun on the go. The rest of the problems are sorted out by this mod variant. Free shopping also lets you purchase anything for free from the game store. At the same time, other functions like the no ads policy remove ads and provide you with undisturbed playing atmospheres. Apart from various hacks, this version also offers you anti-ban and antiviral properties, so there is no rooting requirement while installing it. You can freely enjoy all servings of extreme levels.

In Buddy Toss MOD APK, you have to focus on tossing the buddy in the sky simply. You don't need to learn some of the iconic hitting and strategy-making sequences to do that. In fact, you need to touch the screen simply, and the buddy will fly high in the sky, defying gravity laws. What more do you expect? The outstanding graphical representation never lets your eyes down and cherishes your moods. You must see what the actual gaming of buddy Toss looks like, and then I don't even need to explain anything more of it.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this super fun and incredibly addictive gameplay of casual tossing action on your mobile, as you have fun tossing your friend over the air and continue to catch and throw him off the ground, despite his fear of height. Aim for the perfect moment to catch and toss your friend to achieve your highest height in Buddy Toss.

Have fun playing with the man in your arm and constantly tap to throw him up and above. Reach even up to the galaxy and earn incredible highscores in Buddy Toss. Unlock new characters with better throwing powers and test your tossing abilities in many new levels with amazing gameplay to enjoy. All of which should allow Android gamers to have fun with their game to the fullest.

Here in Buddy Toss, Android gamers are allowed to have fun with the casual yet extremely enjoyable gameplay of tossing, as they attempt to toss the man over the air using their powerful arms. Give it a full force toss and send the man across the skies each time he flies away from your arms. Achieve great heights with your throws and unlock new milestones in the game. And compete with others for the best high scores in the game.

To make the gameplay more interesting and enjoyable, Buddy Toss also offers unique in-game characters for Android gamers to play with. Starting with the unique macho men, you can have more fun playing the tossing game with your giant robots. Execute unique tossing and throwing motions to have your characters flying all over the skies.

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of Buddy Toss even more, thanks to the offline game. As a result, there is no need to look for active Wi-Fi connections or turn on your mobile data anymore. You can have fun with the casual tossing game whenever and wherever you want.

Here in Buddy Toss, Android gamers can enjoy the brilliant 2D graphics with interesting visual elements and perfect designs. Have fun tossing and catching your friend while experiencing the unique animations. Explore the incredible heights, as you freely discover planets and stars with unique looks. And most importantly, the undemanding graphics will guarantee smooth and satisfying gameplay of Buddy Toss on any of your mobile devices.

Now, together with Slap Kings, Android gamers can have their macho men engaged in a whole new experience with Buddy Toss. Have fun tossing and catching your friend with many interesting macho characters. Reach incredible heights with each of your throws and unlock incredible highscores to compete with real players from all over the world.

  • Buddy Toss is a smartphone video game by Big Dog Games released in 2018. It features a burly man who throws his buddy as high as possible. It starts with throwing him above a city, to above Earth's orbit, and even outside of our galaxy. To get him higher, he must be thrown at the last possible moment before falling to the ground. However, if the thrower runs out of energy, he won't be able to throw buddy, ending the run. The higher you get, the more stars you earn, which can be spent on upgrades and costumes.This game provides examples of: Batman Can Breathe in Space: Buddy can breathe in space for minutes on end and live. He occasionally falls down to Earth, but his stay there becomes shorter and shorter.

  • Cap: The meter counter goes no higher than 999,999,999,999,999.00 m.

  • Freemium: You can pay for a VIP pack that lets you unlock all skins, disables ads, and gives more stars per run.

  • Funny Background Event: In the background, you can see humorous building, planets making odd faces, or aliens doing stuff.

  • Made of Iron: Buddy can fall from millions of meters and still survive.

  • No Plot? No Problem!: The game has no plot for why you're throwing buddy.

  • Play Every Day: You get a Daily Bonus which gives you stars for every day you turn on the game.

  • Top-Heavy Guy: About 80% of the thrower is his bulky upper body and 20% is his legs.

  • Villain Protagonist: Buddy Thief has you play as a robber who throws his robber buddy to steal stuff.



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