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Kirepapa Episode 2 [PORTABLE]

Even if it was only a two episode OVA, this is probably the worst anime I have ever watched. Everything about it is awful. I doubt anyone really cares about getting spoiled about Kirepapa, but I am just going to warn you that this review does have spoilers. I usually try to avoid spoilers in my reviews, but a lot of the GARBAGE that I want to talk about surrouding this show involves spoilers.

Kirepapa Episode 2

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The story is very creepy. It is about a dad named Chisato, who is for some reason convinced that every single male in the entire universe wants to sexually assault his son, Riju. For some reason he just assumes that everyone really wants to molest his son, which makes absolutely no sense and he has no reason to think that. Riju has a best friend named Shunsuke, who Chisato hates because he assumes that Shunsuke wants to molest Riju. In the end, it turns out he was wrong and that Shunsuke is actually into him (Chisato). Even though Chisato was straight beforehand and even though Shunsuke is only 15, they end up dating. It is incredibly disturbing and creepy. To make things even creepier, in episode 2, Riju, who is only 15, starts dating an adult man. It's all very gross, but the show treats it like there isn't anything wrong with it. In episode 2, Riju's grandfather (Chisato's dad) is introduced, and he is obviously disturbed by the fact that his 30-something year old son is dating a 15 year old and that his 15 year old grandson is dating an adult, but the show treats it as if the grandfather is the bad guy for being against their relationships, when he is the only sane one! It's all really disgusting.

i am not a yaoi fan but i decided to give this ep a try. Afterall it was only one ep. I hope that they make more episodes. haha. It is really nice. Anyway, the reason why i decided to give it a try was because of the voice actors! 041b061a72


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