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Nestor Guriev
Nestor Guriev

The Little Book Of Big Boobs, By Nuts, August REPACK

I contacted Sam Thayer, a wild-edibles expert who lives in northern Wisconsin. He conducts foraging workshops across the nation and recently published a book on the subject. Groundnuts, it turned out, were not only among his favorite wild foods but also his favorite topic of conversation, though Sam chooses to call the plant by its Lenape name, hopniss. I phoned him at lunchtime, and he was munching as he talked. I imagined him before a large bowl of various shoots, roots, berries, and leaves that I would be hard-pressed to identify.

The Little Book of Big Boobs, by Nuts, August

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Plenty of people were warned... can't say they weren't. Mankind is definitely playing with forces of which they ought not. It may well be our ultimate undoing. And, that undoing, would all be (interestingly enough) noted down in a little book called... the bible.


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